Wood & Deck Restoration

The lowcountry may be known for the beautiful weather, but this climate is very harsh to our homes. Exposure to moisture, UV rays, and high temperatures not only make your deck look bad, they can destroy the integrity of the wood if not properly protected. Many people clean a deck by blasting it with high pressure. This method not only drives the dirt and mildew down into the wood, it is very damaging. Our restoration process begins with a cleaning solution that lifts the dirt to the surface so it can be rinsed away. A chemical treatment then rejuvenates your deck, restoring it to a near original appearance. These crucial steps prepare the wood for maximum sealant penetration and promote longevity of the finish. We then set or replace popped nails with deck specific screws and if necessary, replace severely warped boards. To complete the job, we coat the deck in a water repellent sealer in a variety of finishes. It doesn’t matter if your deck is made out of pressure treated pine, tongue and groove planks, or ipé, we bring the best out of your deck.