Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late! Is Your Home Maintenance Program On Track?

Why Is Home Maintenance Important?

Putting off exterior cleaning and home maintenance can be a costly mistake.  Mildew left on your home’s exterior for extended periods of time can permanently mar your paint.  Scheduling a regular house wash can prolong the life of your paint and keep your house looking great.  Keeping your gutters free of debris keeps them flowing.  When they get clogged with leaves, pine needles, and roofing material, they cannot direct water away from your house.  As the water overflows, it can erode the lawn or bed material away and the added weight can also lead to sagging and pulling away from the fascia board.  Decks left untreated will deteriorate to the point of no return.  Once the wood become warped and cracked, it must be removed and replaced.  This is far more costly than keeping the protective finish intact. Here are a few suggestions on how frequently home maintenance tasks should be performed at a minimum:

Pressure Washing: Every 6-12 months depending on shade conditions.

Window Cleaning: Interior annually and exterior every 6 months (more frequently on waterfront property).

Gutter Cleaning: This depends on proximity types of trees around your home,  but at least annually.

Concrete Cleaning: Once again, this depends on shade conditions.

Deck Restoration: A well prepared and stained deck finish should last at least 3 years. This largely depends on exposure.


As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!  Let us help you protect your investment and keep your home looking its best. Call us today for more information or to schedule an estimate.


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